The travelling Tamanium
The drunk Tamanium
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The horror

The travelling Tamanium

2000 years of Yaatra Tamanon and tamanium alliance

A vision of the development of a Lemurian people that loses its homeland and wins the cosmos

Often I wondered what would have become of the lemur if it had continued to evolve and attain cosmic destiny.

An answer to this I try to give as part of a new storyline. To give an insight: A teaser!

A Watch Fleet under Admiral Fento Tanarol protects the Ulbradan-Triangle-Transmitter and the pioneer worlds of the 21st Tamanium in this vision. Continue reading

In the Perry-Rhodan forum, my storyline is now being discussed. Here are some excerpts published to give an impression of my writing style and my basic ideas!

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Note: This private, non-commercial project is based on the PERRY RHODAN series of PABEL MOEWIG KG, Rastatt
1 Angriff der Haluter
episode 1

The Haluters attack Ulbradan and for the Lemurian astronauts under Admiral Fento Tanarol begins one fantastic journey!

"pilot episode"

Extent: 129 pages, A5-Format 29.03.2015 Idea and Illustration by Torsten Pieper, Wiesbaden


2 Ningyos Welt
Episode 2

The Lemurer discover the 4D spaces. Some of their ships are stranded there.
In order to free their ships, they are looking for the source of force that prevents any hyper-energy. Even stars radiate only on 4D level.
When they find the source of power, they come across the entity Ningyo.

Extent: 54 pages in new design, A5 format 01.12.2015 Idea and illustration by Torsten Pieper, Wiesbaden
To get faster feedback I shared the story. In the future, the "magazines" as in the EA will comprise about 50-60 pages. I wonder if the new design is good or too overdriven.

3 Mizu-No-Sekai
Episode 3

The Lemurs get to know the entity Ningyo and learn about the danger from the Silent Space in which it originated. Her mission leads her to Mizu-No-Sekai - the world of origin.
There they realize how even beings without any over-light technology can become a threat to their galaxy!

Extent: 62 pages, A5 format 11.05.2017 Idea and illustration by Torsten Pieper, Kronberg im Taunus

4 Evolution
Episode 4

The Lemurs and their allies have reached the world of origin. On Mizu-no-Sekai you will learn the story of Ningyo. They gain access to the termination order and try to stop the flood of nano-probes. They witness the genesis of a super-intelligence.

Extent: 41 pages, A5 format 27.12.2017 Idea and illustration by Torsten Pieper, Kronberg im Taunus

5 Aufbruch in die Unendlichkeit
Episode 5

Lemurs helped NINGYO with his genesis. For their help, the bearers of the center stones receive an unexpected gift. NINGYO recognizes the origin of the Veraatho myth and makes an offer. Hi-No-Shimas millions of people join the Tamanium. The Lemurs follow the path of the Light's hound - the traveling Tamanium arises!

Extent: 44 pages, A5-Format 31.12.2017 Idea and illustration by Torsten Pieper, Kronberg im Taunus

6 Galaxis des Schreckens
Episode 6

Since arriving in a new galaxy, the Lemurs are increasingly suffering from terrible nightmares and visions.
K'Leus Gorom-Fal realizes that an external influence is responsible for this.
All nations of the Star Island suffer - for millennia.
The Lemurs find the planets of the Aschadha - and make a big mistake. The Aschadha spread by their guilt on inhabited planets.

Current status: 30 pages, A5 format 16.09.2018 Idea and illustration by Torsten Pieper, Kronberg im Taunus

7 Das Alte Volk
Episode 7

The Old People parts of the Tamanic peoples were isolated by the Mi-Go - the organic guards. Fento Tanarol breaks with the APSU III to free her.
From the inhabitants of Jazirat-Alfazae he hears from the honored 'Elder beings'. This ancient race is the most powerful in the galaxy. And yet they are unable to liberate them from the Aschadha .. Fento is made clear that only the 'Elders' can allow the prisoners to be released!
So he seeks contact with them. After a long search, the Elder-Tiri reveal themselves to him!
Yaatra Tamanon, Elder-Tiri and Mi-Go are closing the pact of Jazirat-Alfazae!

Current status: 5 pages, A5 format 16.09.2018 Idea and illustration by Torsten Pieper, Kronberg im Taunus

8 Kampf der Finsternis
Episode 8

The Tamanians realize that the Ashadha are only part of a greater evil: the beings "who walk in the shadows".
To put a stop to them, Admiral Tanarol and his friends have to take a big risk.
It turns out that the source of the evil was related to the appearance of a wandering starling swarm - which visited this galaxy six thousand years ago.
The Tamanians hear for the first time from the intelligence-distributors.

Current status: 5 pages, A5 format 16.09.2018 Idea and illustration by Torsten Pieper, Kronberg im Taunus

Bild 9 9 Angriff aus der Zukunft
Episode 9

A master of the island reaches for the rule. The traveler Tamanium as the nucleus of an empire over a thousand galaxies!

Current status: approx. 5 pages, A5 format 27.12.2017 Idea and illustration by Torsten Pieper, Kronberg im Taunus

Bild 9999 9999 Insel der Schnapsdrosseln
Idea for a new project! Alko-Hol - Island of the Schnapps throttling A comedy about my Lemurer :) IS HERE!

Snippets and highlights on which I want to work in the future and have already roughly formulated!

The travelling Tamanium

Already existing texts on whose ideas contents I want to work with the time!

Ideas for Episode 4ff- Galaxy of Terror:
Dark hours - Lemurs dreaming about the dark planet and an Ashada infecting a new world
The end of the Ashada - the final blow against the forces of darkness - the dark planet is burning!
The last Ashada - a weak spirit has lost its memory - an epilogue

Ideas to .. (after about 121 years of travel and much further...)
After 121 years: Time of Miracles - the Tamanic engineers develop the Gryphon-class - a new ship goes on maiden flight
after .. years: The power of the heroes - they freed the slaves of the empire - now they leads the last way to Y'Talamer the imperor world - only the Verathoo Guard can stand against their spiritual power
After 700 Years: In the Service of the Cosmocrats - The Travelling Tamanium Deserts!

Follow-serie: The Taman Alliance
after 725 years: A new home - the traveler Tamanium finishes his journey - his destination is the Three-galaxy
After about 1750 years: The Jiqiren - the mechanical civilization is constituted - they are the secret weapon of the Taman Alliance
..nach.Jahren: Project Sardostayn - the hidden paths are being built - they lead through the half-space
..after ... Years: The Return of the Admiral - Fento Tanarol returns to his people - He is not welcome, because the servants of the Cosmocrats follow him - It threatens the attack of the High mights
..after..years: Stronghold against time - the Three-galaxy disappears behind the quantum wall
The Sextadim-Fanal - the Wall breaks, the beacons call for battle
FINALE - cosmopolitan dawn - the cosmocrats brought war - beings of the lowlands strike back!

Bild: the Three-galaxy

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Adolf Faber (Montag, 08 Juni 2015 19:59)

Da die lemurische Kultur auch zu meinen Lieblingsbildern des Perry Rhodan Universums gehoert, freue ich mich ueber diese (wie ich sie nenne: Perry Rhodan Lesergeschichten-Reihe)! In einem LB auf irgendeiner LKS war der Gedanke ueber weitere lemurischen Tamanien abseits unserer lokalen Gruppe ausgedrueckt worden, und bei mir haengengeblieben. Meine Geschichte dazu, allerdings nur als Zusammenfassung, da ich keine rechte Geduld zum Schreiben habe, handelt von einem Tamanium dass sich abseits aller Begebenheiten rund um Perry sich in die Zukunft weiterentwickelt. Mit der Zeit entsteht ein Gross-Tamanium das friedlich und idealsiert lebt. Mit hochentwickelter Transmitter- und Sensitivkommunikation, wo Raumfahrt eine untergeordnete Rolle spielt, denn man kann per Transmitter oder Traumkommunikatoren zeitlos sich ueberall hinbegeben. Die Ursache fuer diese friedliebende Welt ist der Kontakt ueber uebergeordneten Wesenheiten die im 6D-Raum unabhaengig von den "unteren" Welten leben. Der Austausch fuehrt zu einem ueberbordenen Hochgefuehl der Liebe und Verstaendnis fuer alles Leben ... (Mehr will ich jetzt eigentlich hier nicht reinschreiben) ... Ich werde diese Lemurer und ihre Erlebnisse und Erfahrungen im Auge behalten ;-)


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